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Laura Bavlnka, of Bavlnka Brand, is a local fashion designer that specializes in sustainable practices. She has been perfecting her natural dye techniques over the years and is very excited to collaborate with Unordinary Omen Floristry for this exclusive product offering

Gift yourself a keepsake that will last you decades. A 1o0% silk scarf or slip that is dyed with the flowers from your special day! Choose this add-on and UOF will take care of coordinating with Bavlnka Brand to make sure she has what she needs to transform your wedding flowers into a one of a kind Heirloom. If you choose to use your bouquet flowers you will need to coordinate to get that bouquet to us asap post event. Turnaround time is roughly 3 weeks after your wedding. There will be options to coordinate pick up locally for Milwaukee residents or to ship nationally - Price does not include shipping cost.


"Daisy" silk Bandana

Measures at 21" x 21"

100% Silk Satin

Price $70


"daisy" silk oversized bandana 

Measures at 33" x 33"

100% Silk Habotai - Very Lightweight

Price $85


Charmaine oversized silk scarf

Measures at 13" x 68"

100% Silk Charmeuse

Price $90


slip dress 

Made to order in your size, you will be put into contact with Laura

100% Silk Charmeuse

Price $350

Natural Dyes are unpredictable, also the colors of the final product will vary depending on the flowers used in your services. You can request for certain colors to be more prominent, however each piece is always one of a kind, please be open minded about the outcome of your special piece as its truly ONE OF A KIND!

Looking for ideas on how to style your heirloom silk?

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