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Get to know Unordinary Omen 

Who we are

Nichollis & Aaron

Unordinary Omen Floristry - a locally owned floral studio striving to set legendary examples of originally curated ambience, tastefully thought out and professionally executed. A dynamic duo of excellent listeners with proud work ethic ensures clients creative dreams are manifested into a reality. With our combination of classically trained skills and self taught diligence for our craft creates a one of a kind innovative experience for our clientele.

UOF came to fruition from a personal draw to queer representation in a multifaceted industry where creative abilities are being expanded on, respected, and held at an equal standard.

We are focused on creating a culture that helps emit personality in an integral fashion.


What we do


We never want to stick ourselves into one spectrum of work and limit our experiences. We absolutely adore working with all types of personalities and really learning from our relationships and experiences in order to continue our growth!

How we typically operate 

Interested in booking us for your wedding? click here.


For all other event inquiries and personal arrangements It all starts with the form at the bottom of this page! Fill out your information as best as possible, click submit and hooray! Were so excited for our journey together to begin! 


Shortly after you will be contacted to arrange the details of your order. This is where we think the fun really sets in! We get to dive far more in depth about all the fabulousness we will be in charge of making for you! 

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