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Who we are

Nichollis & Aaron here! Together we help operate UOF. We're a pretty dynamic duo if we don’t say so ourselves! We feel we have a super neat and original flare to floristry and we can’t wait to share that even more with the city we adore and beyond! 

Unordinary Omen Floristry is a locally owned Milwaukee based company striving to set legendary examples of how you can create a clients significant ambience for a certain event. We are excellent at listening and collaborate every step of the way with our clients. This helps ensure their creative dreams can be met and manifested into reality. 

What we do

We never want to stick ourselves into one spectrum of work and limit our experiences. We love working with all sorts of clients! This is why we leave our first step in our process (our web inquiry or email) a little more broad and not to form fitting to any particular crowd. Do not worry though! We have a VERY articulate/close to crazy attention to detail in every aspect of what we present to you, your friends, family, videographer, camera man, clients or staff, YOU name it!

How we typically operate 

It all starts with the form at the bottom of the page! Fill out your information as best as possible, click submit and hooray! Were so excited for our journey together to begin! 


Shortly after you will be contacted to arrange a call, zoom, or meet for our first consultation. This is where we think the fun really sets in! We get to dive far more in depth about all the fabulousness we will be in charge of making for you! Once we’ve chatted and grouped together all the information necessary we get going on your proposal and an itemized list of everything we will be taking care of. Along with these items you will be provided with the agreement form you will be asked to sign if you wish to carry on with our relationship.This is to make you feel comfortable and prepared upon finalizing our agreement fifteen days later!  


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